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Famous Cult Videos, Berkeley, CA 1990-1999 R.I.P.

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Because we reap what we sow, we find what we seek.
Prof. 11/19

We escaped from the Debt Based Mindset, and you can too!

We buy low, sell high, and liquidate our clutter often.
We're Scouting; Flea Markets, Estate Sales, Auctions, Storage Lockers,
Garage Sales,Thrift Stores, for resellable items. We are performing Online sales, giftings, and giveaways.
We are doing all of this and we are living debt-free.

Getting Debt-Free is the Key to Freedom!

The too big to fail international Banks, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and all of the big American Banks are all in HUGE financial trouble and they plan to take us down with them. Get your money out of the Bank and get Debt-Free by any legal means available to you A.S.A.P.
P.S. This is not financial advise. I, Professor Curtis am just speculating on the future based on researched current news and videos. ~ Prof.11/19

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Our library is a mixture of photos taken by Professor Curtis,
photos of items that we are selling and or have sold in the past,
cult movie poster art and "found" artwork that I have collected over the years.
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Here is a link to 70's style, Black Explotation films and other like items found online.
Most of the films can be seen for free! Just click on the film poster above this note.

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