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Urban Treasure Hunting will become HUGE, after this SOCIAL LOCK-DOWN SH*T ends on Easter Sunday.

A homemade video with narrative from Long Beach, CA received March 4, 2020
NOTHING is coming into the States from China, period!

Disclaimer; I am not offering advise here. I am an O.G., a Californian Flea Marketeer, and a Urban Treasure Hunter. On this website, I am promoting Urban Treasure Hunting, as I openly speculate on future trends and future events based on my own research, recurring cycles, and by digging beyond the current news droppings given to us by the main stream media. I have an open ear. I'm looking a little deeper, seeking beyond the hype, and I'm seeing it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I am warning people about what I see through the videos that I post online for free.
(Keywords for the year 2020; Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Food, and Cash Money.)
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